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Re: Re: yaboot error - load size is too small

On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 23:04 +0000, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> Stephen
> to cut a long story short I am getting "load size is too small" when 
> trying to boot a mac Ibook using open firmware after installing OSX 
> 3.4.9. This should have been very straightforward  but is not. Every 
> time I try to boot I get the prohibited logo similar to a no entry 
> sign.
> If you have any pointers that I can investigate I would be very 
> appreciative.

Hrm... you are trying to load yaboot and get that or is the error coming
from yaboot itself ?

In OF, if you do "printenv", what do you see for load-base and
load-size ?

You can also re-create your OF boot partition (boot from the rescue CD
for example, or put a vmlinux.elf-pmac zImage on your HFS partition and
boot from there) and then do "mkofboot" from linux.


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