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failed to install a debian netinst (etch) on an old G4 (400mhz)


I already succeed to install a debian netinst on my pc.
Recently I get an old power mac G4 with mac os 9 ... so I try to install a
debian netinst from a bootable cd on it. But it failed during installation of

I not familiar with mac and their partition system ... perhpas the problem is here.

Here is what I do during the installation:

1. Partition Disks : I choose "erase entire disk : IDE3 master (hdc) - 20.6 GB

2. Partitioning scheme: All files in one partition

3. here the partition table
IDE3 master (hdc) - 20.6 GB IBM-DTLA-305020
#1 32.3 KB       Apple
#2 1.0 MB   boot untitled
#3 19.7 GB  ext3 untitled /
#4 873.7 MB swap swap     swap

I try to delete the first one (apple) and not ... so I did not delete it.

4. I choose yes to write change do disk

5. the base system is copied and installed

6. "Install yaboot on a hard disk" ... at this time I've got an error message
"The yaboot package failed to install into /target/."
The choices are "go back" "continue anyway" or "no"

So alt+f4 to see the console
yaboot-installer : info: Calling 'apt-install yaboot hfsutils' failed

So I continue to try (even if I know it will failed)

7. Failed to install boot loader ....

alt+f4 one more time
here is the log since the last one

yaboot-installer: info: partman-supplied bootstrap partitions: /dev/hdc2
yaboot-installer: info: partman-supplied default bootstrap partition: /dev/hdc2
... some other log ...
yaboot-installer: mkofboot: hfsutils is not installed or cannot be found
yaboot-installer: mkofboot: Try --mount if Linux 2.6.12-1-powerpc support HFS
yaboot-installer: error: mkofboot failed with exit status 1

SO I understand I need hfsutils but where can I found it will I am installing
the debian from a bootable cd ?

someone can help me ... perhaps the answer is simple but I am lost.


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