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Call for testers, daily build debian-installer isos ...

Hi all, 

In order to fix the isos for IBM boxes, some adjustements where made to the
yaboot.conf, and in particular i dropped the device=cd: line, since the cd
alias doesn't seem to be used everywhere, and it would have failed if not
using the primary cd drive.

I would like for all apple newworld users to give it a test, in particular the
first generation newworld machines (prismo, lombard, toilet-seat ibook, and
blue-and-white powermacs).

To test this, there are two ways :

  1) burn the CD and try booting from it, if it boots and gets you into the
  first the language choser of debian-installer, then we have a success.

  2) send us the content of /proc/device-tree/chosen/bootpath from a system
  booting into the old debian-installer isos, or any kind of live-cd.

The images to test should be the next daily builds, so hopefully the ones from


Sven Luther

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