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Re: OS X Disk Image backup clobbers yaboot file

Le dimanche 25 septembre 2005 à 12:28 -0700, Kim Cascone a écrit :

> - I partitioned my sons G3 iMac into three parts: [OS X (HFS): 50G],  
> [Ubuntu PPC (ext3): 5G], and [New World part/boot (HFS): 250M]...
> - everything installed fine, I was able to dual boot without a problem  

> so my questions are as follows:
> - was it OS X Disk Utilities that clobbered the yaboot?

I have no idea, but I experienced the same thing once, without doing
anything special. IIRC OSX hanged once or twice in a row in the bootup
process and just after that I lost the yaboot menu.

> - and how does one fix this running a Live Linux distro...

I solved my problem by booting on the ubuntu CD and at a shell prompt:
	mount your root partition (mount /dev/hdaX /mnt) with X being the
number of your root partition
	chroot onto that partition (chroot /mnt)
	reinstall yaboot (ybin -v)

That should do it.

Stelian Pop <stelian@popies.net>

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