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Re: getting PowerPC 3400c's attention

On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 15:03 -0700, Paul Scott wrote:
> I have been running sid on x86 for several years but just was given a 
> 3400c PowerBook.  I am a Mac Linux newbie.
> sid and X are installed with quik loader.
> quik seems to be set to autoboot: true
> I have mistakenly configured X for keyboard macintosh_old and now seem 
> to be very stuck.  I can't login to X (xdm).  I don't know how to get to 
> VT or single user mode.  I don't know how to boot to single user or to 
> Mac-OS 8.6 which is still present.

You can get into OF with cmd-opt-O-F at boot. boot /APPL,ROM or
something along those lines will get you to MacOS (you can also reset
the PRAM with cmd-opt-P-R, but you'll have to manually restore boot via

You can probably also try to halt quik by pressing a key fast enough I
suppose... not sure. I don't remember too well.

If you get to MacOS, BootX is the simplest way to go back to Linux.


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