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Re: looks fixed


> I was told on #parted that current version of parted already has
> support to HFS+ resizing. Could someone test it and confirm if this
> works?

Just did, and it seemed to work:

# df -h
/dev/hda7             5.0G  3.0G  2.1G  60% /mnt/macos

copy /dev/hda7 to /mnt/scratch/hda7.img

# parted /mnt/scratch/hda7.img
(parted) resize 1 0 5000MB
(parted) quit
# mount /mnt/scratch/hda7.img -o loop /mnt/tmp/
# df -h
/dev/loop/1           4.7G  3.0G  1.7G  65% /mnt/tmp

I'd say it worked. And it is a normal HFS+ partition, I never disabled journalling.


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