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Re: how to install debian on imac?

Hi Joel

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 01:11:36AM +1200, Joel van Velden wrote:
> Hi all
> I'd like to install debian onto an iMac G5, but im not sure where to start.

Either am I .. :) .. But if someone would donate me a G5 ( .... :) I'd
try to download a CD image from e.g.
(if I was in New Zealand, that is)

then try to boot from the CD I made from that image and see what
happens ... :)

Or you could buy a set of CD's/DVD's if you prefer doing that.

Oh yes, nearly fotgot it:: There's perhaps some menu after you boot
from a CD: Try to find the help button (F1, the TAB key ?) and make
sure they have a 2.6 kernel that'll be installed. I'm just not sure
whether current images still offer some 2.4 kernels to install ... :)

> Whats the best way to install debian from scratch?

For example:


I was very lucky with Brandon Robinson's guide for disk partitioning
that I used to get Linux installed to my Powerbook 2 or 3 years ago:
You'll find the link to it on the page above: 
"Branden Robinson's Installing Debian 3.0 onto an Apple iBook"

And if you have a router or some such, or simply an open Internet
connection than you can can use to get your G5 getting plugged into
during install I'd try that. You probably can save yourself some
time/money if you install most of the system simply via a net install

Keeping the first Debian CD is anyway a good idea for recovery
purposes (messed up boot manager or kernel, stuff like that: It
probably happens to everyone at some point ... :)

> Do i just use the debian-installer powerpc rc3 cdrom?
> Do i need to use the updated kernel at 
> http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/images/daily/powerpc64/cdrom64/ to 
> install?

I'd always try to keep things as simple as possible: Just getting some
CD and doing what I wrote above ... After all a computer should make
your life easier, and not more difficult than necessary.  

A little prayer or so perhaps also won't hurt too much, at some point
... :)

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          [ ... ]


Good luck!

Best Regards

Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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