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xlibmesa-DRI on Pismo?

Hi all-

Read a long-ish thread on this subject from 2003, but I'm still in the
dark about using xlibmesa-DRI with the ATI graphics on my Pismo.  I'm
running a stock 2.6.8 kernel on my Pismo.

If I run glxgears, I get a warning that says extension "XFree86-DRI" is
missing.  I've got "load dri" in X86Config-4, updated with
dpkg-reconfigure.  glxinfo reports the OpenGL renderer string is "Mesa
GLX Indirect."

The powerpc-list thread said that xlibmesa-DRI worked in 16-bit color
only.  Read also somewhere else that xdm/twm, which I'm running, doesn't
allow per session changes to video modes.

So do I have to run dpkg-reconfigure again and say my default video mode
to 16-bit, or is there some other thing I need to do to get the
accelleration running?

Best and thanks!



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