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Re: TEST: Sleep suppport for iBook G4 & Aluminium PowerBooks (ATI based)

On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 04:44 +1030, John Steele Scott wrote:

> I confirm the XV corruption, mplayer plays fine before sleep, but the screen 
> is green when playing movies after a resume. If I tell mplayer to not use Xv, 
> the movies are okay.

Ok. Can somebody with an albook (M10) can test that too ? I suppose I
need to restore the overlay registers...

> I can confirm that if sleep is invoked by closing the lid, then opening the 
> lid causes the machine to wake up and then immediately go back to sleep. But 
> if sleep is invoked by using the power button, then you close the lid while 
> the machine is asleep, opening the lid wakes it up correctly.

That must be a problem with pbbuttons/pmud... maybe you have both
running with pbbuttons set to pmud replacement mode ?

> ALSA has some kind of issue where an app which is playing sound will freeze 
> after resume. After restarting the application, sound is okay. Also ALSA will 
> not recognise if the headphones are unplugged/plugged-in during sleep.

Ok, Alsa bugs ... I suppose I'll have to put my hand into those drivers
sooner or later (volunteers to help here are welcome, the hard part is
done, now it's time to fix drivers :)

> The linux-wlan-ng drivers for my USB DWL-122 don't work across a sleep, but 
> they don't seem to interfere with resume. At one point when I was trying 
> this, I started a sleep, then the keyboard stopped producing input, but the 
> trackpad still worked. After unplugging the DWL-122, the iBook went to sleep.

Sounds like a driver bug indeed. USB & Sleep is not quite well behaved
yet at this point. I've been working with the USB folks to improve
things, but it will take a bit of time before the entire USB subsystem &
set of USB driver have been fixed for proper behaviour with sleep.
> Then on resume, the keyboard input I had typed before came out. So maybe the 
> linux-wlan or USB drivers were holding things up after the keyboard was 
> shutdown but before the trackpad was?


> Also, this patch will stop the "cpufreq: resume failed to assert current 
> frequency is what timing core thinks it is" complaint on 7447A based 
> machines.

Thanks !

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