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Search for patched yaboot testers ...


I have added support for amiga partition tables to yaboot, which is necessary
for getting yaboot to work on my pegasos 2. Now Ethan Benson refuses to get
the patch integrated unless i get widespread testing on a variety of hardware,
despite the fact that the code in the patch never gets traveled in any of the
currently supported hardware (i.e, amiga partitions are probed only when they
are no mac or mbr partition table, and no iso filesystem, just before
outputing the 'partition table not supported' message).

Anyway, in order to get this patch in, i am searching for testing on a variety
of hardware. I have obviously tested it on my pegasos 2 board and my ibook
G3/800, but would like to have more testing, especially on IBM hardware, and
on G5 pmacs, but also all kind of pmacs are of interest.

Ethan is asking me of testing of all three boot methods : cd, disk, net.
Patched packages can be found on : 


As well as a standalone yaboot binary which can simply be used to replace the
older one. I will try to make a modified d-i CD iso available too with this
modified yaboot, which should take care of the cd booting test. 

Thanks in advance for your help.


Sven Luther

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