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Re : 64bit PPC and Debian

Le 04.11.2004 09:58:22, Helge Kreutzmann a écrit :
my current 64bit machine is reaching EOL and I am looking for a
replacement. One option I seriously consider is using the current
64bit machines from Apple.

Debian is only 32bit on all PPC machines, correct? And according to

Debian will not even run on the G5 MAC?

As far as I know, debian doesn't already suport ppc64 but it defenitly run on G5 machines. I have here a dual G5 2GHz running perfectly (except sound) and I had also two Xserve G5 running a few days aga (just for test purpose). On this machines I run a 64 bits kernel and I used a mix of 32 and 64 bits executables...

Hope it will help...


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