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umountfs hangs on shutdown


perhaps someone has an idea concerning this...
Shutting down Sarge on my iBook 2.2, /etc/init.d/umountfs hangs when
remounting the root filesystem read-only. 

Here the relevant lines from umountfs:

|#	Umount all filesystems except the virtual ones.
|umount -tnoproc,noprocfs,nodevfs,nosysfs,nousbfs,nousbdevfs,nodevpts -d -a -r
|# This is superfluous.
|mount -n -o remount,ro /

The last line above hangs. Sometimes. About every third occasion. 
I'm pretty much helpless and have absolutely _no_ idea which
circumstances trigger this. :-( 
There is no indication in the syslog that something's going

Making the umountfs script spawn a shell and stracing the remount
revealed that it's precisely the "mount" syscall that hangs. 
But where to go from here? Is this remount really "superfluous" and
could be safely removed, as the comment suggests?

I'm runnning a Debian kernel 2.6.8 and a XFS root filesystem. Any
suggestion will be _very_ appreciated. 

All the best,

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