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Re: suspend to disk for 2.6.9

OoO En cette aube   naissante du jeudi   21 octobre 2004, vers  07:54,
Guido Guenther <agx@debian.org> disait:

>> And that's what I used :-) Still had to patch radeon_pm.c with that
>> version, though.
> You noticed that there's a swsusp-2.6.9-rc4.2.diff?

I have just tried swsusp on my iBook 700. I use a 2.6.9 patched with
the above patch. To avoid any problem, I have suspended my iBook from
a console but the X server was running. The suspend succeeded, as well
as resuming. However, the display was freezed when I tried to switch
back to the X server. I am using radeonfb and xserver-dri-trunk. Any
idea ?
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