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Re: Software Suspend


* Michael Schmitz <schmitz@opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> [2004-10-13 16:42 +0200]:
> > Can anyone suggest a good source for information on setting up swsusp on
> > a PowerBook G4?

Erik, the mailing list archive should have a couple of success stories
and hints.

> swsusp seems pretty broken to me in the latest Linus kernels. Shoehorning
> Guido's patch for -rc3 onto recent -rc4 just makes my Powerbook stop
> tasks, free memory and freeze with the display turned off. Nothing ever
> gets written to swap.

2.6.9-rc2 writes to swap here with a G4 AlBook from 2003. so Erik might
try that older prepatch.
unfortunately, the system feels a wee bit slower after resume which
is also shown by bogomips which shows about half of the value calculated
from a pristine boot. so i do not use it at the moment.

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