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X hangs

Hi the list ! :c)

I'm a noob w/ GNU/Linux on PPC. I've already play w/ lots of x86, sparcs
and one ARM... but no PPC. The last week, I've got a PowerBook G4, 15.2",
ATI Radeon 9600 (M10), 1.5GHz (beautiful toy) with my work. I'm naturally
trying to put a GNU/Linux on it, and Debian was my first idea.
So, after fighting w/ yaboot, I'm trying to get a X environment working. I
can start X (as root), it displays the classical gray screen with the
"cross" mouse pointer. so it seems to work. but the matter is when I try
to stop the X server. killing it w/ signal 15 or 9 is not working. in the
better situation, it's displaying me a black screen w/ yellow "points" on
it or just a black screen and I've never found a solution to get a console
back. I can still connect to my laptop through ssh, and I can see the X
process in this state :  528 ?        R<     3:23 X

well... if anyone has a solution... I would be really pleased :c/

Baptiste SIMON
   aka BeTa
Administrateur systèmes GNU/Linux, Unix, IPv6 | http://www.e-glop.net/
Développement, design système | CNAM - CEANTE - http://ceante.cnam.fr/

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