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Re: pbbuttonsd and /dev/pmu

At 16:29 Uhr -0500 11.04.2004, dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
regarding sound, I have all of the necesary modules compiled into the kernel
(SND_OSSEMUL=y, SND_MIXER_OSS=m, SND_PCM_OSS=m, on a vanilla 2.6.4).

Hm, yep, that's as modules, not compiled into the kernel. I had to load those manually or (for reboots) put
into /etc/modules for it to work.

I also have
tried starting pbbuttonsd from the command line and get an error saying that
/dev/pmu doesn't exist. How can I fix this? I don't think I want to download
pmud, because those features are already in pbbuttonsd now.

(I'm still using pmud usually, and only shut down pmud and start pbbuttonsd when I have to toggle the fn key settings. And yes I find this messy too. BTW I'm using devfs so I have no problem with missing devices, but note that devfs is depreciated.)


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