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next step Re: newbie[live-cd]

Title: next step Re: newbie[live-cd]
thnkx jean, chris, david for your advices.
i will try my best with debian..and stop trying the gentoo live-cd's that dont boot my machine [tibook 500mhz, 512ram]

my Q. now is if anyone knows if its possible to use ethan benson's:

boot-new-powermac-xfs.iso cd's from:

and point [the debian installer] to the below kernel-modules, but not in a netinstall but to look for them inside/aside the same cd directory? [meaning i plan to d/l them first and the burn a cd with the iso booter plus the kernel etc]


 i have tried to look for them in the unmounted mac OS partitions but the /target thing and the /hda12 addresses are not found???. I have also tried through a shell...with no luck..maybe i just dont know how to get the exact path to the files maybe its cause the unmounted partitions are HFS+ though they appear in the map as HFS only..???

thnkx loads for any advice on how to proceed.

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