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Re: ppc segfaults

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 05:24:36AM +0000, Drew Roedersheimer wrote:
> I haven't seen any other cases like mine, so I'll just assume that
> it was my lack of intelligent usage of apt-get that probably got 
> me here, but maybe someone else has had the same problem.
> Anyway, I have a ppc machine (a Motorola MVEM2600) that was running
> 3.0 testing.  I changed the sources.list file to pull in 3.0r1 
> stable, and now almost everything is seg faulting.  I'm sure it
> updated libc6, etc so I'm nearly positive this is the problem...
> I should look at the core dumps to find out for sure.  Almost every 
> application seg faults right before exit (ls, apt-get, gzip, etc).  
> Anyway, has anyone experienced the same behavior?  I don't have all 
> the packages that were upgraded (I did an apt-get clean) - but I think
> it was only 17 or so.  
> Nothing serious on this machine, so I'm not really concerned if I
> have to blow it away, but I wouldn't mind saving some time.

You told it to downgrade from testing to stable? Was it your
intention to downgrade? That is not really supported.

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