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Re: OT: caring for the ibooks

At 6:33 +0100 12/24/02, Nirmal Govind wrote:
>Hi... sorry this is off topic but thought the users on this list might
>know the best.. how does one take care of the ibook to ensure that it
>doesn't get scratched on the outside? I usually carry my laptop around a
>lot.. I have the new ibook3 which has sort of a "glass" exterior and I
>just noticed that carrying it around in my bag scratches the
>surface... please let me know if you have any tips on caring for the

Use a cotton bag.
Here in the Netherlands the cotton bag is a give away by companies
same as a plastic bags are.

Other tip:
Put a sheet of paper between the lit and the computer,
that avoid that the keyboard scratches the display.

Geert St
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