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Query about Downloading and Running Debian maxima on a Mac G4 running OS X

I've been a Macsyma user for years but, as far as I know, Debian maxima is
the only version of that software package that's now available.

Is there anyone out there who has downloaded and run Debian maxima on a Mac
G4 running OS X?  If so I would be grateful to know details of how it can
be done. (I would also be grateful for any suggestions.)

Thank You,
Larry Gould

Dr. Laurence I. Gould
Physics Department, Dana Hall 230
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT  06117

Title: Professor of Physics
Web site: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/LGOULD/
Phone: (860) 768-4307
Fax: (860) 768-5244

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