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Fwd: Re: startx on NuBus Mac gives Fatal server error

Some further information:  I managed to find a way to log out of x
using function and arrow keys and the log still refers to Cannot open
device /dev/input/mice and the protocol is ImPS/2 although I had
selected "Auto" - seemed like a good idea at the time ;-)

At 11:11 pm +0200 12/8/02, Michel Dänzer wrote:
'No such device' means there's no driver for it. I don't know if
/dev/input/mice is supported on Nubus Macs, maybe you need something like
/dev/adbmouse with the BusMouse protocol?
Thanks Michel - I've made some progress ;-)

In dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 I selected ttyS0 (serial mouse) -
there was no adbmouse available?  Nor did I see anywhere to configure
BusMouse protocol.  However, I am at least getting something like
Gnome appearing with v.weird colours and no mouse movement.  I can't
switch terminals with Apple + Fn but Tab/arrow keys seem to take me
around the desktop but not in any way that's useful.

Where do I go from here? Is there another way of setting up adbmouse
and BusMouse protocol?



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