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Re: Multiple Swap Partitions? Re: Sudden loss of keyboard and mouse

At 8:16 pm -0700 14/4/02, Anthony Lau wrote:
On Sat, Apr 13, 2002 at 01:30:59PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:

 It's very hard to troubleshoot seemingly random occurrences. If you
 don't think it's related to anything you're doing at the time, maybe
 you could start disabling daemons to see if one of them can be related
 to it?

gpm was a likely candidate, but that didn't fix it.
Restarting X didn't bring back the ADB either.

I only changed 2 thing when this behaviour began. Installed extra
RAM and added a second swap partition.

I think I have found the answer. It seems my setup with 2 swap
partitions on separate IDE drives made something very unstable. It
doesn't make sense that 2 swaps would lock up the ADB. But, after
rebooting with the new swap partion only, the ADB was able to stay
up even under intense CPU load and paging.

Does anyone else run an old world with multiple swap partitions?


I've loaded 2.2r5 (potato) with two swap partitions and it seems to run fine but I've yet to get everything up and running. It is on a NuBus Mac which is rather idiosyncratic.



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