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Re: Moving HFS file crashed me

On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 04:34:01AM -0500, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> The other night, I wanted to write a big file to my HFS volume (a new
> kernel for BootX to load), and I was out of space, so I decided to move
> some MP3's from my HFS volume to my home directory on an ext2 partition.
> When I did, my mac dropped into some kind of low level debugger.  I
> hadn't seen this before, but the command prompt was "mon".
> Each of these MP3 files were displayed by Linux as several files - there
> was the data fork that appeared with the actual filename, and a couple
> "dot files" which I guess hold the resource fork and the HFS metadata
> (type, creator, and icon position).
> I think I crashed because I tried to move only the data fork with "mv"
> without taking the whole HFS file with it.  Could that be the problem?
> Is there a way to properly move an HFS file to a Linux volume without
> crashing?

Interesting. Well, AFAIK the contents of a file which has a resource fork
can't be preserved on a non-HFS volume unless something special is done. 
Normally the something special is MacBinary conversion which packages 
both forks in a single .bin file. I don't think there's a way to do this
inside Linux, though, since Linux doesn't really recognize the resource 

Netatalk might take care of the conversion automatically, Windows NT does 
if Mac files are stored on NT servers.

To do what you were trying to do, though, I think you'd have to start in 
MacOS to macbinarize the files, then you could move them wherever you want
back in Linux.

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