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Quake and Quake 2 on PowerPC (Might be of topic)

	Well I have a working Sid iMac, and I compiled QuakeForge with great
sucess and it runs the DOS Quake CD's .pak files.

However, I figure there is a Linux .deb for running Quake, the Quake 1
mods, DoE and SoA and Quake 2 (I own all of these) on Debian PPC since
Quakeforge works.  All I see on the net are X11 binaries for x86, and I
checked the packages.debian.org/stable and unstable section and there
were binaries in stable.  

Anyone know if I can maybe get Quake X11 from stable?  

Also, they have a program called XQF in unstable that finds severs for
games that don't run on Linux.  Could someone explain this also?

Anywho.  You guys are great.  After I get Quake working the laststep
will be mastering compiling and installing a kernel, and then I will be
a Linux guru :)



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