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Re: Startx - almost home!

Mike Yukish <mikeyukish@psu.edu> writes:

> Well, I decided I was far enough behind the 8-ball to just reinstall
> the potato. So I increased Swap space as recommended, modified the
> XF86config file to fix the mouse problem, keyboard problem, and
> screen depth problem, and now I get a beautiful startup screen when
> I hit 'startx'. Wow, was it ugly in just 256 colors! Looking good so
> far.


> 1. I installed Gnome, why am I not getting kicked into Gnome when I
> do 'startx'? I think I am in just WindowMaker. I have the Main icon
> in upper left, and three on the right. How do I do the Gnome thing?

There are many ways; I think what you probably want to do is
'apt-get install gdm'.

> 2. I have PS/2 mouse type selected, but I am using the Mac mouse via
> the ADB port on the keyboard. Can I just plug a PS/2 mouse in the
> ADB port? I have the adapter to fit. I thought I'd ask before trying
> to corral one up.

No idea about this one...

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