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keymap-help request

g'day to all: i'm rather new - not only to the list.

searching the archiv, lurking the list, studying several man-pages
didn't help me to a solid keymap right from start-up/login.

startup-messages are telling that there is a "Loading
/etc/console/bootime.kmap.gz", but for log-in i've to type "2´´3"
instead of "root", "8" instead of <enter> etc...

to get my (german) keymap back i've to do each time a

# u9li<esc>21m´<space>ü5i621<capslock>m´<space>o`j1<esc>u+3+
as transscription to
# dpkg-reconfigure  console-data

after choosing the "qwertz-adb-standard-latin1"-keymap debian is
loading the /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz (again?) and i can use my
keyboard as usual.

may be there's just a tiny lack because of
very-second-language-English that prevends me from normal use: in
former times (when there was "kbdconfig" available ...) i didn't run
in problems like this.

any help will be accepted.

PowerMac 7500/G3/400
keyboard ADB-ext-II/d

Was sieht man wirklich, und was erscheint einem nur so, als sähe man es?
    S. Lem, "Fiasko"

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