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Re: Video card support

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, samuel rose wrote:

}Before I go and buy a new video card for my PPC 7500, I was wondering if
}there is a definitive resource for checking compatibility with debianppc.
}There is some stuff on penguineppc.org.  Also, for XF86, I am guessing that
}I should check their website for compatibility or for a server?

Pretty much your only option right now would be an ATI card.  Support
for the Radeon was recently added by Ani Joshi to the XFree PowerPC
tree, and Rage 128 support has been present for a long time.  Mach 64
support is also present, but it might be harder to come by one of these
cards.  As far as other Mac video cards (ixMicro, 3dfx cards) - I have
seen reports of these working, though their performance does not seem to
be as good as ATI cards, and support may not be as mature.

I am not sure if nVidia makes a PCI graphics card for Macs, but I don't
think there is any support for these cards on PPC XFree right now, and
people don't seem very optimisitic about that situation improving ...


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