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dropped network connection

I just finished installing Debian on a Mac PowerPC G3 (beige, 266 MhZ processor, 128 MB RAM right now, ethernet etc...). It's on a University network, and has a statiic IP address and a full-time connection.

The kernel I built from the 2.2.9 source...I probably need to build a new one from the 2.4.5 source at some point soon...but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it....

However, it has this strange problem -- it will occasionally, without warning or explanation, decide that it doesn't want to be on the network and simply kill all connections and daemons. Most recently this happened about an hour ago, when I had 3 active connections: an ssh connection (I installed OpenSSL/OpenSSH from source, rather than use the .deb versions -- call me neurotic, it's cool, cause I am); an ftp connection (standard ftpd from apt-get); and a web connection (again, apache from apt-get).

And then everything dropped, the ssh session ended, the web session ended, the ftp session ended, and now the machine won't respond to pings, shows no open ports when I scan it, and you can't get a connection using any service.

And, it is also 1000 miles away, so I can't just go reboot it. I can go tell someone else to go reboot it, but I'm going to hold off until I have an idea what to change.

It's got a UPS, so the power is still on. And nmap reports that the machine is reachable, just has no open ports -- that is, the kernel is reporting that all of the ports are closed when nmap scans them. Which means, I think, that the box is still running and that the OS is up.

This happened with another Debian box that I was running quite a while ago, and I never did manage to fix it...but this machine is slated to become a web and database server, so that's not really an option.

So I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts/ideas why this might have happened, and how I might go about fixing it...




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