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TiBook X keyboard & battery question

I've made it to the point that my TiBook is successfully running X. I don't know if I'm using the graphics hardware to its best advantage (in fact I suspect not since the gnome logout fade takes about 3 seconds to grey out the screen) but it works for now. But on the plus side I haven't had to edit XF86Config-4 yet ;)

I've got my sends_linux_keycodes set on, and mouse button emulation works for both the console and X. My keyboard seems to work fine, except the arrow keys (none of them) work in X. I can use xev to see what keycodes they are sending, but I don't really understand what I need to do with those keycodes once I have them. Can anyone give me brief explanation?

Also, can Batmon be made to give battery status on the TiBook, or is there another tool that can? Right now running Batmon returns "/usr/bin/Batmon: no such file" (i.e. Batmon exists, but it is looking for some file that isn't). Any suggestions?


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