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Re: Sun JDK

I can use Forte for java with JDK ppc porting ?

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Da: "Olaf Grewe" <ogrewe@wiwi.hu-berlin.de>
A: "Lorenzo De Vito" <lorenzodevito@libero.it>
Cc: <debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org>
Data invio: giovedì 15 marzo 2001 11.15
Oggetto: Re: Sun JDK

> Well,
> If I got the basic discussion right, there is no JDK for debian
> available yet. The maintainer of JAVA-related packages has IMHO a
> somewhat dogmatic approach to the debian policy of distributing only
> free software. So he is reluctant to make the ported JDK available.
> Which brings me to the point that may help you: Go to
> www.blackdown.org. They have ported the Sun-JDK for linux-powerpc.
> 1.3 works for me like a charm (except it's not available as .deb, but
> I think I've made this point already ;) )
> Regards
> Olaf
> >I've a trouble while installing JDK, I've get it from Sun server, the
> >name is : j2sdk-1_3_0_02-linux.bin (a strange package) the first step
> >done is:
> >
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