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NEWBIE: Installation and the Network


This is my first post to the list so please be gently with me.

First the facts. I'm trying to install on a Performa 6360 with 32 MB RAM and a Farallon ethernet card attached to the single PCI slot. Those are the basics.

Second, I'm installing, the base installation from a local HFS partition with the rest if from either an http or an ftp source. The base install seems to go fine. Where the problem arrives is when it comes time to reach out and grab the rest of the files. I can't seem to get my network up. I tried using DHCP but no luck. I've also tried using a fixed address. No good.

The funny this is I actually have installed 3 times now and the first time it worked. I had it all working without any GUI. Then I got greedy and went for for a GUI and it would hang once X was up. I was never able to get logged in through a X login.

I didn't find how to set the init mode until after I did my second installation. However by that time it was too late and I could not get the network up. I have no idea if I did something different the first time... well, I know the first time DHCP worked. However, since then... nothing.

Just for the record... ethernet and TCP/IP work under the Mac OS so it's not hardware failure and I'm installing from the same files as the first installation.

I've searched the recent archives and have not found the solution to my problem. Any help would be appreciated and I'm sure there will be more questions once I've get this one solved.

Thanks in advance,


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