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Kernel compiled (I think), how to do next step ?


I compiled a new kernel with ipmasquerading for my ppc 7200, to use it as a router. I came to the point described below, but have no idea how to do the next steps. The kernel-howto is PC biased, and I found no answer in my archive of this list.

Platform : Mac ppc 7200
Debian 2.2.17
Bootloader (?) : bootx application

I got linux-2.2.17.tar.gz, and unpacked.
      -> from the how-to: "Unpack the kernel source to
      /usr/src/ with a command:
      tar xvzf linux-2.2.x.tar.gz -C /usr/src".

'make config' and [y/n]'d appropriate options.
      -> 'make menuconfig' gave an error.

'make zImage' : ok. duration: 1h.45 mins.
  (bzImage gave : "No rule to make target 'bzImage")

'make modules' : ok.

'make modules_install' : ok.

By this point, there should be a new kernel, right ?

But how do I install it ? AFAIK, lilo is n/a on the ppc platform.
Or will 'dpkg -i ../kernel-image[and the rest of the name]' do the trick ? (Geez, it can't be that simple..)

Thanx in advance,


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