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Re: Disabling Trackpad.

On 18 Oct 2000, Keun-woo Ryu wrote:

> I'm using Both Trackpad and USB mouse with my ibook.
> and uses mouse_button_emulation on kernel 2.2.17pre10-ben3 
> does anyone knows how to disable trackpad?
> my dmesg says like this.
> ...
> mouse0: PS/2 mouse device for input0
> event0: Event device for input0
> input0: Macintosh mouse button emulation
> ADB keyboard at 2, handler 1
> Detected ADB keyboard, type ANSI.
> keybdev.c: Adding keyboard: input1
> event1: Event device for input1
> input1: ADB HID on ID 2:2.c3
> event2: Event device for input2
> input2: ADB HID on ID 7:7.1f
> ADB mouse at 3, handler set to 4 (trackpad)
> mouse1: PS/2 mouse device for input3
> event3: Event device for input3
> input3: ADB HID on ID 3:3.04
> ...
> usb.c: USB new device connect, assigned device number 2
> mouse2: PS/2 mouse device for input4
> event4: Event device for input4
> input4: USB HID v0.01 Mouse [Logitech M4848] on usb1:2.0
Hum, that question sounds familiar -- see below. In your case, you're obviously
on the new input layer. What happens when you do a 

cd /dev
ln -sf input/mouse2 mouse

(if this wrecks something, do a

ln -sf input/mice mouse

to restore your input)?


:On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 01:38:20, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40@calva.net>
:> >>
:> >> On my pismo i use a usb mouse all the time while i use linux, and i want
:> >> to be able to selectively turn off the trackpad while in X.  because
:> >> when i type i keep hitting the trackpad and moving the cursor
:> >> involuntarilly.
:> >I believe the trackpad app does this. I don't recall where you can get it
:> >though. Email me if you need it.
:> The trackpad app won't let you turn it off. You can turn the "tapping"
:> off, but not the movement. What you can do is to disable the ADB mouse
:> support in the kernel and recompile it.
:If you're still using the old input layer, you might use /dev/gpmdata as
:mouse device (or you probably do already, if both devices are working).
:Then you could restart gpm w/ or w/o multiple input devices. Might be a bit
:cumbersome, but it's possible while X is still running.
:Maybe with the new input layer it's simply possible to replace the link
:/dev/mouse -> input/mice by a link to a single mouse device (input/mouseNN,
:iirc), but I've never tried that. This probably won't work without restarting
:the X session. Ben?

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