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X refuses to start!

I was hoping that someone out there can help me with the next step...

I've finally successfully loaded Debian Potato on my G3 Powerbook (old world ROMs). By the way, thanks to Will Dukes for the suggestions on this one. In order to make that work, I had to install the BootX 1.2.2 that came with the Debian distribution and the vmlinux kernel (set to "no video driver") and I was able to launch into the install routine. After that, I could read the Debian CDs. I installed the bare minimum system (since the install would hang with no apparent reason or pattern during the install forcing me to do it all over again). Then I was able to connect to Debian's site through dselect to grab the bulk of the "extra" software.

After all of this, though, I can't get X to run. Now when I boot Linux, the screen blanks out and redraws 3 times at the command line logon prompt. Then I can log in as normal. But X won't run. I've tried everything I could from the "Configuring XFree86 HowTo", but no luck. When I even went so far as to try to start X "bare" as the HowTo suggests using

X >/tmp/x.out Z>&1

I get a lot of disk thrashing and then nothing. So when I look in the /etc/x.out file to see what the server says, it has only one character - a "y" with an umlaut over it.

Does anyone have an idea of where I can look to solve this?


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