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Re: OpenSSH tty problem

On 23/1/2000 ferret@phonewave.net wrote:

I had the same problem on i386 just a couple weeks ago. I ended up wiping
the whole machine (had some partition problems, and I was trying to 3-way
bloze, Debian, and BeOS), but I suspected the problem might have been

this is probably not the problem, but current OpenSSH still has a bug where it looks for /etc/pam.d/sshd that does not exist (/etc/pam.d/ssh exists, and is what it should look for)

so OpenSSH effectively uses /etc/pam.d/other for its pam configuration.

bug #52644

since this has happened before and was fixed and now is broken again I just hard linked ssh sshd in /etc/pam.d that way I don't have to worry about this dumb bug. (i have /etc/pam.d/other set to default deny as well so screwed up pam files are not tolerable for me)

Ethan Benson
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