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Re: Anthracite PowerPC

On 12/1/2000 GRAVE Xavier wrote:

The only unknown thing for me is bootX (working on a diskless, screenless
VME Board), I will have a look in the docs...

don't use BootX on G4's its not reliable at all, use yaboot instead, much better way to go.

when partitioning with pdisk (or whatever debian calls it) create a 800K partition type Apple_BootStrap this will hold the yaboot bootloader, the special type prevents macos from `helpfully' mounting it and then screwing it up when it sees its not real macos.

I wrote some scripts to make maintaining and updating/formatting a bootstrap partition a breeze, <http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/ybin/>

yaboot can be found at:


its best if the bootstrap partition is the first one, before the macos partition so you can more easily setup mutli OS bootmenus.

Ethan Benson
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