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Re: MySQL at Linux/PPC

At 09:19 +0300 1999-10-13, Kostas Gewrgiou wrote:
After looking at Bug#: 5732 in RedHat's bugzilla,
i found out why enabling LFS makes a bad mysql binary, quoting from the
description of the patch bug:

  The configure scripts of patch-2.5 detect the LFS support in
  glibc-2.1, but due to the lack of a definition of
  _GNU_SOURCE, no prototypes for fseeko are declared. That way
  the compiler thinks fseeko is taking a 32bit argument for
  the offset, when in reality it takes a 64bit offset.

After compiling MySQL with -D_GNU_SOURCE (with LFS enabled) the problems
went away, i am not sure if defining _LARGEFILE_SOURCE is supposed to give
the fseeko declarations but if it is then its a bug in the glibc headers.

The glibc documentation says that _LARGEFILE_SOURCE is supposed to give the fseeko declaration.

     If this macro is defined some extra functions are available which
     rectify a few shortcomings in all previous standards.  More
     concrete the functions `fseeko' and `ftello' are available.
     Without these functions the difference between the ISO C interface
     (`fseek', `ftell') and the low-level POSIX interface (`lseek')
     would lead to problems.

     This macro was introduced as part of the Large File Support
     extension (LFS).
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