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Re: /dev/adb and Batmon on Wallstreet G3

At 00:40 +0200 8/19/99, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
>> Perhaps it was too presumptuous of me, but after grabbing Paul's new
>> kernel and getting sleep working, I wanted to see if I could access my
>> battery using Batmon et. al. No luck.
>> Any ideas why I don't have a '/dev/adb', but do have '/dev/adb-'?
>cd /dev ; rm *- ; ./MAKEDEV adb

Also note that at least as far as my PB3400 went, when I switched from
glibc1.99 to glibc2, bat.c stopped talking to Batmon.  The reason seemed to
be buffered IO.  I fixed bat.c by adding an fflush:

      printf(" %d %d %d %d %d\n", (reply[2] << 8) + reply[3], reply[4],
	     reply[5], reply[6], (reply[7] << 8) + reply[8]);

    fflush( stdio );  /* flush to Batmon */
    while ((c = getchar()) != '\n' && c != EOF)


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