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installation: problem booting

Hola from Spain

I have followed Ok the FAQ-O-Matic to install Debian on a ppc over a beta
of MkLinux that we had on a CD, until step 8 (the BootX into Debian
itself). There
I get stuck. Booting halts at "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs
on 08:17"

We have two SCSI drives
	Drive 1 (/dev/sda...) MacOS from which we run BootX
	Drive 2 /dev/sdb5 MkLinux root
	        /dev/sdb6 MkLinux swap
	        /dev/sdb7 Debian base 2_2 configured with dselect
(Step 5, chroot into sdb7 was Ok, running dselect from there.)

The /mnt/etc/fstab I set to
	/dev/sdb7	/	ext2	rw	1	1
and removed everything else except the swap line that was in the MkLinux
fstab file:
	/dev/sdb6 none swap defaults 0 0

What am I missing (apart from a bit more grey matter)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Robert Chatwin
Dept. de Ecologia		Tel:   +34 619126599
Univ. de Extremadura		mailto:t@id-base.com
Badajoz, Spain 06071

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