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Re: Installing PPC port

Regarding "Installing PPC port" of 13:47 -0800 1998-02-02, Brian Bassett wrote:
>Our local user's group has had about 70 IBM PPCs donated to the university.
> We were wondering how to go about installing Debian/PPC, as there aren't
>any install disks.

Debian/powerpc is not currently in a reasonable state for production use,
we are currently transitioning to a new libc, which will require that *all*
packages be rebuilt.
I estimate that it will be a matter of a few weeks before we have at least
a highly kluged up way to install Debian on Power Macs, but other PowerPC
hardware will take more time and effort to support, since our development
machine is a Mac clone. Once we get the new libc deployed and base
recompiled, I intend to try creating Power Mac install disks.

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