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[rusty@rustcorp.com.au: [ANNOUNCE] FHS 2.2 Released]

So we have to consider this and determine whether we are ready to take
it on board.  I haven't yet had time to read it in detail myself.


----- Forwarded message from Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au> -----

Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 17:19:32 +1000
From: Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] FHS 2.2 Released
To: fhs-discuss@ucsd.edu

Hi all,

	With much delay and controversy, the 2.2 version of FHS is
hereby released:


	Thankyou to all those who contributed fixes and feedback.  The
only major revision from the final beta was the removal of /media: it
was my decision and I will happily debate in another thread.

Format changes:
	o The document has been reformatted and reworked, according to
	  the principle that it should be readable in a "flip open to
	  section I want" manner.  Options clearly labelled, language

Major changes:
	o /lib<qual>, /usr/lib<qual> and /usr/local/lib<qual> options
	  added (/lib64, etc)
	o /etc/sgml option added.
	o /usr/include/g++ removed.
	o /usr/local/man added.
	o /usr/share/sgml added.
	o /var/local explicitly included.
	o /var/lib/hwclock explicitly added for adjtime.
	o hwclock moved from /sbin to /usr/sbin

Minor changes:
	o domainname removed from /bin examples.
	o setserial moved from /bin examples to Linux Annex.
	o adjtime, disktab, fdprm, lilo.conf, ttytype removed from
	  /etc examples.
	o /etc/confissue & /etc/mtools => /etc/issue and /etc/mtools.conf
	o /etc/mtab exception documented.
	o /lib/ld.so changed to /lib/ld*.
	o A small humorous footnote inserted.
	o /var/lock can also refer to non-device lock files.

Premature optmztion is rt of all evl. --DK

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