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Bug#72335: PROPOSAL] Optional build-arch and build-indep targets for debian/rules

severity 72335 normal
title 72335 [AMENDMENT 23/5/2001] Optional build-arch and build-indep targets for debian/rules

Once again, this proposal (in its amended form) has gained two
seconds.  I propose a 10 day discussion period.

The question of how to handle the use of this is still a little
contentious: the simplest way is for dpkg-buildpackage to run
debian/rules -q build-arch when building arch-specific binaries only
and examine the return status.  But this assumes that debian/rules is
a makefile.  This was the subject of a flame-war some while ago which
was never resolved.  But this proposal makes sense nevertheless; if we
lose the requirement that debian/rules has to be a makefile, then we
can either stipulate that debian/rules has to behave like a makefile
wrt -q, or we can have dpkg-buildpackage checking the #! line to see
whether it is a makefile.  Either way, it has the potential of saving
autobuilders some work in some cases and resolves the
Build-Depends-Indep semantical error.



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