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Bug#89039: Not policy's job?

On 12 Apr 2001 05:12:14 -0700, Seth Arnold wrote:
> Frank, I understand Debian Policy's purpose is to document what Debian
> considers good practice, not document the tools that may be used. Thus,
> I think it is perfectly acceptable for Debian Policy to defer to the
> update-menu documentation for the proper format of the menu files.
> If this bug is suggesting that the information should be available
> somewhere, then the menufile(5) manpage may be useful. However, if you
> think that Debian Policy is the correct place for the menu file syntax,
> please followup with reasons why Debian Policy should include it rather
> than let the update-menu tool's documentation describe its configuration
> files.
> (I seem to recall another bug that wanted to move documentation into
> policy, possibly involving mime-support, but I cannot find it now. It
> may be useful to discuss both simultaneously.)
> Thanks. :)
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I don't necessarily want it in policy proper, but since the packaging
manual which does document tools has been integrated into policy afaict,
it seemed that this would be the correct place to request some canonical
documentation on the menu structure in debian. And the canonical format
one must use. Including any extra fields such as the virtual hints and


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