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Bug#92589: there is no standard way to check if an init script is installed

On Mon, 02 Apr 2001, Jean-Philippe Guérard wrote:
> The Debian policy specifies (10.3.1) that maintainer scripts should not
> assume whether or not a specific implementation of the handling of
> init scripts is used.
> It provides a tool, update-rc.d, that has to be used to install or
> remove an init script activation.
> However, it does not provide a standard way to check the current
> status of an init script.

It will, soon.

Please verify if invoke-rc.d --query (initscript) (action) in the accepted
proposal #76868 is enough for your needs.

> script (e.g. webmin-core, ksysv, rcconf, etc.) have to implement
> checks for all possible implementations.

They will be forbidden of doing so eventually, so please do check if the
proposed functionality of #76868 is enough.

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