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Re: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2021-04-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow)

On Thu, 22 Apr 2021 21:15:14 +0200, Étienne Mollier wrote:

> > - Do the problems happen with the libgraph-perl version in stable and
> >   testing/unstable as well?
> Yes, problems do happen with unmodified libgraph-perl from
> stable, testing and sid.  That is why I think they are most
> likely unrelated to the security fix you cherry picked.


I guess that's the crucial point (for the question of uploading
libgraph-perl with the changes in git).

And good to see that your analysis matches my gut feeling, that the
libchado-perl problems are not related to libgraph-perl.

So I'll go ahead and upload libgraph-perl.
> > - What did you do to run which tests? (I stared at the package bit
> >   but it's not really obvious to me).
> I mostly stuck to running the entire autopkgtest, with bells and
> whistles:

Ok, I see; that's what I tried as well.
> that is why I am not too sure how much of a blocker it would be
> for the libgraph-perl upgrade.  Maybe it will be recognized as
> "Not a regression".

Well, as libchado-perl in the archive has no autopkgtests there won't
be any autopkgtest run after the libgraph-perl upload, so there can't
be any automatically detected regression :)
> > - Which tests fail how? (I only see ./t/01_okay.t which triest to
> >   load Bio::Chado::LoadDBI which doesn't exist anywhere in Debian ?!)
> By order of appearance in an autodep8 run against the Testing
> distribution, i.e. without the patched libgraph-perl:

Ok, that matches my quick tests.
> > - Does this package actually use modules from libgraph-perl?
> >   (Grepping show some Bio::Graphics stuff but libbio-graphics-perl
> >   doesn't depend on libgraph-perl.)  
> It does not appear so on grepping libgraph-perl source code, or
> binary packages content, on my end neither.  

Which is also a good point from an
avoid-regressions-by-uploading-libgraph-perl point of view.

> > - Do you have any output or any other details?
> I added an sbuild with autopkgtest output of the libchado-perl
> against sid in attachment, without dependency to libgraph-perl.
> The output is a bit trimmed down for readability, and reduce the
> weight on mailboxes.

Thanks again.
> As far as I can see, although it is a Perl package, it looks
> like provided elements are mostly supposed to be used like a
> regular application.  Maybe all these issues are just not caught
> in regular package usage?

Maybe … My conclusion is that libchado-perl might have some issuses
but that they are neiter caused by libgraph-perl in general and
especially not by the proposed patch in libgraph-perl.


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