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Re: Request for Review / Upload libintl-perl

On Sat, 02 Jan 2021 14:53:04 +1030, Ken Ibbotson wrote:

> Apologies for the length of the email.

No worries :)
> Step 2 - trace the unpack process.
> One line in the above output yields that we are telling `tar` to ignore the
> `debian/*` content:
> gbp:debug: tar ['--exclude=.gitignore', '--exclude=debian/*',
> '--exclude=.git/*', '--exclude=.git', '-C', '.', '-a', '-xf',
> '/home/keni/src/pkg-perl/packages/source-libintl-perl/libintl-perl_1.20-1.debian.tar.gz']
> []
> Found it!
> Curses!


> Blindly following examples on web pages, and have shot myself in the foot.
> The Git guide git - Debian Perl Group Packaging and Git Guide
> <https://perl-team.pages.debian.net/git.html> under `Tips and Tricks` has
> an entry Prevent surprises in the upstream tarball
> <https://perl-team.pages.debian.net/git.html#Prevent_surprises_in_the_upstream_tarball>
> which includes the following inclusion for the `gbp.conf` file:
> [import-dsc]
> filter = [ '.gitignore', 'debian/*', '.git/*', '.git' ]
> After removing the `debian/*` entry from the above line in the `gbp.conf`,
> all individual versions complete normally.

Makes sense.

(BTW, I think these examples are meant for debian/gbp.conf in a
package and not for the global ~/.gbp.conf.)
> Is there any reason why the web page entry should not be updated to prevent
> further people experiencing the same issue?

This looks indeed like a copypaste mistake. It makes sense for
[import-orig] but not for [import-dsc].

Feel free to fix it (the website source is in the
perl-team/perl-team.pages.debian.net.git repo).

> Step 3 - Execute takeover for the whole to make sure it woks.
> Running the takeover did not complete successfully:
> dpt takeover libintl-perl -a 945988 -n
> The local repository was created okay, but for some reason the `-n` was
> ignored and a push to salsa occurred.

Ha, happened to me the other day as well :)
dpt-takeover is not too intelligent and really wants options before
arguments (i.e. package name(s)).

So the following works (I just tried it again, after removing my
local clone of the existing repo):

dpt takeover -a 945988 -n libintl-perl

> Pushing to git@salsa.debian.org:perl-team/modules/packages/libintl-perl.git
> To salsa.debian.org:perl-team/modules/packages/libintl-perl.git
>  ! [rejected]        master -> master (fetch first)
>  ! [rejected]        pristine-tar -> pristine-tar (fetch first)
>  ! [rejected]        upstream -> upstream (fetch first)


> Oh, still have previous attempt up on salsa at:
> https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libintl-perl
> I do not have access to remove the project, but not sure if that is the
> right way to go either.

It's a bit disruptive (for all who might have pulled it already via
mr(1) e.g.) but given the state of the current repo I think just blowing
it away is the best option.
> I do know that the process is now working, and only failing on the upload
> to salsa.
> Can we delete the existing upstream salsa version?

It's gone :)

Thanks for all your work and for sharing your findings!


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