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Re: RFS: libfile-copy-link-perl

Hi Joel, welcome!

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 09:23:39PM -1000, Joel Roth wrote:
> Hi Debian Perl Team,
> File::Copy::Link is a dependency for Nama, the perl app I am
> also debianizing.  The module includes File::Spec::Link,
> which Nama uses to resolve symlinks. 
> If I can get help incorporating this module into Debian, 
> I'll prefer not to paste the code into my app.
> Here are the details. Please let me know the best way to
> proceed.

If possible, could you consider maintaining this under the umbrella of
the Debian Perl Team? See for an Introduction [1]. This means in
particular, that Maintainer is set to the team list, and you can add
yourself to Uploaders. 

Then you can svn-inject the package int the pkg-perl svn-repository
(when you where added to the project, you need an alioth account for

Some comments: For the first upload, you need only the 0.112-1
changelog entry, closing the ITP.

debian/control: You can drop the Build-Depends on
libmodule-build-perl, and drop versioned Build-Indep-Depends on perl,
substituing with unversioned one on perl (5.6 is already satisfied in
oldstable), and drop the perl-modules Build-Indep-Depends. Same for

debian/copyright: There is still the Disclaimer filed, which was added
by dh-make-perl.

debian/libfile-copy-link-perl.docs can be dropped, since README is of
no further additional usefullness to have installed into

examples contain #!perl as shebang, you could as explained in the
debhelper.pod on pkg-perl page change this via an override target for
dh_installexamples with a find-sed-line.

All in all that said, I'm not a DD so would not upload then :). But be
sure, gregoa, ryan52, dam, ... will do as soon the package is ready :)


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