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Project idea for GSoC


I would like to propose a project idea that is related to DebianEdu and FUSS.
FUSS is a debian based system that is being used in about 80 schools in the province of Bolzano in Italy:

It is very similar to DebianEdu (as far as I can tell), but also has some features that are not yet present in DebianEdu. For example, using Clonezilla for a quick automated installation of the clients, installing a Captive Portal on the server for handling Wi-Fi clients, etc.

I thought that it might be a good idea to make some efforts to bridge the gap between these two systems. For example FUSS can use the educational metapackages of DebianEdu (no need to reinvent the wheel), and DebianEdu can add additional tools like Clonezilla and a Captive Portal, that FUSS is already using.
This would also be the aim of the GSoC project, bringing FUSS and DebianEdu closer to each-other.

I have already discussed this idea with the FUSS team and they are more than happy to help and to mentor the project. But this project cannot succeed without the support of at least one mentor from the DebianEdu team. If there are any mentors in this list that are affiliated with DebianEdu, please reply and let us know what you think about this.


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