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Re: helping newcomers start blogs - but where?

On 18/08/17 06:59, Himanshu Shekhar wrote:

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017, 11:59 PM Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

Hi all,

blogger.com and wordpress are well known platforms for people to create
free blogs.  Github pages have also become popular with developers recently.

What are the recommended alternatives for people who want to adhere to a
more free / libre approach?

In particular, I'm looking for solutions I can recommend to students
getting into Outreachy and GSoC.  They often have a lot of things to
think about during their application and at the start of their project
and need to start blogging quite quickly.

For now, I'm tempted to recommend github pages with Jekyll static
content generation because at least the git repository (and full
history) behind these sites can be easily migrated to any other hosting
platform.  Are there other alternatives people recommend?

Alternatives: Medium, Ghost, Tumblr

I would recommend for an approach of narrowing down choices.
Do you want a static blog or a dynamic blog?

Static blog:
The dynamic component of a static blog would come from client side _javascript_. For extra features/plugins, you'd need to depend on third party services like Comments (Disqus), Likes (Facebook), Analytics(Google) which one can easily integrate with static blogs.
However the underlying concept of generating static html from configuration and templates

Dynamic blog: (something you'd perhaps not require)
This is required when you want one or more of the following features:
* Complete control over everything. 
* Don't like generating HTML all the time (however Jekyll does that for you)
* Don't want to depend on external services like Disqus, Facebook, Google Analytics.
* Want to use/write custom plugins which are available for Wordpress.

For most use cases of personal and technical blogs Medium and Github pages are most suitable. Comparing these two, Github is more compliant to libre/free ideology.

For GSoC / Outreachy applicants and interns,

- a static blog is probably sufficient unless they are really keen on doing interesting stuff with their blog, in which case they will find a solution by themself

- the $19 per month charge for Ghost is probably a barrier for people in a lot of the countries where we get applicants

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