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CWTD Provides Profitable Wave To Investors.

Many of our stock reviews focus on up and coming stocks that show promise of 
profitable increases for our members.

Profile: China World Trade Corp
Last: $1.38
Note: Bottom of Wave

CWTD has been the focus of this a number of times over the last several months. 

This weekend we would like to draw a profitable pattern in trading to your attention. 
Over the last three months, CWTD has had a steady wave in price fluctuation, moving 
from $1.30's and climbing over 5-7 trading days to $1.80's an as high as $2.00, 
then settling back to the $1.30's. Catching this wave has provided investors with 
a predictable pattern for a steady gain in profit.

Thursdays trading saw the price settle to $1.38, hitting the low range of the price 
wave for CWTD.

Monday is the time to catch the next wave to carry the price back to the $1.80 to 
$2.00 range.

Review the charts from your online market information services, see the pattern for 
yourselves, and take advantage of it as so many of our members already have.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and have a great trading week next week.

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